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Cost of school

Cost of language school in the USA

The cost of a language school is different

When I go to a language school, I want to keep it as cheap as possible. So the most important thing is tuition fees and stay expenses that are the most expensive. If studying abroad for a short period of time, the air fare will be higher, and it will cost local fees such as tuition fees, staying expenses, food expenses, etc. in the long term. When studying in the university in the U.S., tuition fee and staying expenses will be considerable. Living expenses in the local community are also influenced by differences in prices and by area depending on the country, so it is better to utilize scholarships as well.

If you study abroad

Learning English has become popular recently in elementary school, and demand for English is likely to increase more and more. In addition, as the Tokyo Olympic Games are a few years away, speaking English fluently makes it easier to find jobs and volunteers involved in the Olympic Games. It is hard to study English independently. After all the shortest path is studying abroad. The best thing is studying with the language school in the USA. Language schools usually divide the level and you can learn English according to purpose. Moreover, since it is not only language, but also a very wide country, it is attractive that climate, culture, people, environments are totally different depending on where you stay and you can learn culture and customs.